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Keno is a game that is coming into its own, gaming momentum and growing in popularity every day. This lottery style game of pure chance has been deemed as one truly exhilarating gaming experience, and has become a staple at all of the prestigious casinos found on the Vegas Strip. Vegas Online Keno offers the same thrilling game experience, only from the comfort of your own home or office, or anywhere you have an Internet connection. For those new to the game of Keno, the idea is to predict what numbers will come up when the balls are released. Your odds and your payout are determined by the number of matches you decide to go for. While some players attempt to develop strategies surrounding the law of probabilities, or other scientific data, Keno is simply a game of pure chance that is truly exciting to play.

More About Vegas Online Keno

The presence of the game of Keno in online gaming environments has expanded to every corner of the online gambling community, from online casinos, to bingo halls and even stand alone Keno gaming sites. We find it fits best among other exciting casino games, and hence have featured below two exciting casinos that both offer high quality versions of Las Vegas Online Keno on their casino game menus. Once again, the electrifying Vegas Strip experience is captured and transformed to a virtual adventure that delivers the same thrills and magic, only without the hassles or expenses of traveling.

Who knew a few years back that the remarkable Vegas Strip would come to us instead of us having to travel to it? Did you ever imagine that virtual gaming would deliver such a phenomenal experience, and literally rival the gaming offered at the Vegas land based casinos? We are thrilled to see these big names in casino gambling hitting the virtual scene all over the world, soon to include the US! Until that time, we have some superb online casinos for you to choose from that are already accepting USA players and offering them the Vegas Online Keno experience of a lifetime!

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  • Bovada Casino
  • New players will receive a decent welcome at Bovada Casino with a match bonus that is worth up to $3000 to play table games, slots, and of course, keno. They offer a very secure and high quality gambling experience.
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  • Casino
  • Visit for a substantial welcome bonus that includes Keno as an eligible game. New players will receive a 100% match bonus up to $500 on 10 deposits to play Keno and Slots.
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