Bovada Casino is a legal Las Vegas online casino that accepts USA players
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What is and is not 'legal' when it comes to online gambling in the US is a little hazy, which is why the legislation is back on the table and has a river of hope and possibility attached to it. As a matter of fact, the possibility of legalized online gambling is so highly anticipated that many of the mainstream Vegas casino brands have already positioned themselves to hit the USA online gambling market as soon as that switch is flipped, and have their Legal Vegas Online Casinos on standby, ready to go. Until such time, several of them are already alive and well in the lucrative online gambling markets abroad.

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While the details of online gambling for US players is not very clear or concise at this point, there are still a significant number of online casinos that offer Vegas style gaming to US players. They are a superb option for players to engage in online gambling, and offer remarkable gaming options, bonus offers and pure, adrenaline rushing gaming action!

While we wait for the big names in Vegas Casino gambling to launch their Legal Vegas Online Casinos for US players, non-USA players can enjoy the expertise, innovation, and riveting excitement you'd expect from one of the casino brands associated with Las Vegas gambling. The USA players can take advantage of the exceptional gaming opportunities found at the phenomenal online casinos featured on this site, including the two awesome sites below!

There are a few legal online casinos which are USA friendly and offer Vegas style live dealer casino games online. They offer blackjack, roulette, and baccarat live dealer games and employ professional dealers located in an authentic brick and mortar casino.

  • Legal Las Vegas Online Casinos
  • Casino is a legal, secure, and legally licensed online casinos that accepts USA players, and provides a legitimate gambling environment to play casino games. They offer a $5000 welcome bonus to new players.
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  • Bovada Casino
  • Bovada Casino has earned a solid reputation within the online gambling community by demonstrating a commitment to player safety and satisfaction, and offering great bonuses, like a $3000 welcome bonus.
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