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  • NV Gaming Commission to Discuss Internet Gambling Changes

Nevada has been offering legal online gambling in the form of Internet poker since April of this year, after passing gambling friendly legislation in early 2012. The NV Gaming Commission and Control Board held its monthly meeting on October 24 in Las Vegas, and planned to discuss proposed changes to the state's online gambling legislation. The addition of extra casino games such as virtual blackjack, online slot machines and other Internet gambling options was to be covered, although state gaming officials said they are in no hurry to add any specific Internet gambling forms to the state sponsored poker websites currently operating.

More About Nevada Internet Gamblnig Changes

A. G. Burnett is the Gaming Control Board Chairman, and he mentioned that poker has only been out for six months, so Nevada officials want to make sure they are delivering the best possible Internet poker experience first before adding any other types of casino gambling options. was the first of the Vegas legal Internet poker websites to open its virtual doors since the Department of Justice allowed each individual state to decide its own online gambling destiny, and recently became the second such website in Nevada. The UP site is majority owned by Station Casinos, & is owned by Caesars Entertainment Corp.

When questioned as to how much money the state is making from licensing and taxing these two state regulated Internet poker websites, board officials stated their intent is to begin revealing financials only after there are three or more Internet poker websites running in the state. The only thing holding back many of the already legally licensed companies from offering Internet poker is approval of such things as gaming software and technology. The Gaming Control Board tests prospective websites before their launch, and then those sites are also tested by independent gaming labs that must give their approval as well.

Burnett said another reason they were discussing changes to the current legislation which provides for legal online poker in Nevada is because that was the only form of online gambling legalized initially. While it is almost a guarantee that blackjack, roulette and other forms of legal Vegas Internet casino gambling will eventually be delivered in the Silver State, the current law only covers poker. The Board Chairman also stated that Nevada has no desire to attempt to rush legislation through which would deliver a full bank of Internet casino games, such as New Jersey will be delivering by the end of November.

Regulation changes before the board concern adding some technical requirements for Internet poker to deliver a smoother overall experience, and to ensure the changes which were made in 2013 Legislature through Assembly Bill 114 were legal and legitimate. The board is also aggressively requesting that the governor begin forming compacts with other states like Delaware and New Jersey for player pool sharing. New Jersey already has such laws in place, as does Nevada, so those two states could begin sharing their player lists and benefiting financially from the larger pools as soon as those two state governors give the go-ahead.